mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Il cesso portatile

A light weight portable toilet that is more convenient and more robust

BoginaBag (Bog in a Bag) is a unique portable toilet that is extremely light weight, portable and very robust. It provides the owner with a solution to that age old question of needing to go and having nowhere to go! It folds out as a stool, but when nature calls you then remove the cover insert one of our specially designed degradable bags, relax and relieve yourself.

Once you have finished, the “magiccrystals" will absorb any liquid. You then remove the bag, tie the top and dispose of the bag in a bin. The bags completely cover the seat of the stool so there is no mess and it is completely hygienic and ready to be used again and again. Remember BoginaBag can also be used as a general purpose stool.

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